The journal of quantum hermeneutics

In the spirit of the Sokal Affair, my friends Bert, Emerson, Rob, James, Ryan, and I came up with the following titles that could appear in a to-be-founded Journal of Quantum Hermeneutics.

We did so during our trip at the Notre Dame PhilMath Workshop a few years ago. I can't say who came up with what. And I think there are some here by our friend Nic M. If you are interested in contributing to this list, please email me.

The forthcoming issue of The Journal of Quantum Hermeneutics will include:

  1. Axiomatic Studies in Postmodern Philosophy
  2. The Completeness of the Deconstructionist Program
  3. A Parametric Renormalization of Foucaldian Dynamics
  4. The Androcentrist Character of the Parallel Postulate
  5. The Emancipation of the Mind via the Axiom of Choice
  6. Go Midwest Young man: Further Foucaldian Permutations in Semanticist's Clothing
  7. The Russellian Notion of Class Discrepancy of the Proletariat
  8. The Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics meets Merleau-Ponty
  9. Curvature of Space-Time as the Cause of Sartre's Nausea
  10. Camus' Contribution to the Theory of Existential Quantification
  11. Grasping Being-as-such with the Invisible Hand: An Experimental Approach
  12. The Will to Power and Electrons' Degrees of Freedom
  13. An Epistemology of Conspiracy Theories without Hidden Variables
  14. Racial Issues with the Four-Color Theorem
  15. Penetrating Membranes: String Theory and Gender Identity: The Hypersexualization of Hyperspace
  16. From Monad to Ego: A Quantum Field-Theoretic Model of the Emergence of Consciousness
  17. Mathematical Idealization in the Works of Ricoeur: Asymptotic Explanation of Religious Experience
  18. The Evolutionary Dynamics of the Absolute
  19. The Infinitesimal Analysis of Intentionality: The Logic of Qualia Revisited
  20. The Emancipation of the Proletariat in the Light of the Bernays-Godel-von Neumann Concept of Proper Class
  21. The Neurophysiological Analysis of the Res Cogitans
  22. Correcting Einstein's Conception of Time: New Contributions of Augustine
  23. Quantum Gravity as a Model for the Post-Modern Fragmentation of Being
  24. Quantum cloning and haecceity: Entanglement of primitive thisness
  25. Levels of meaning entangled: An invitation to quantum semiotics
  26. Revolutionary Quantization of Moral Judgments: A Quasi-Realist Perspective
  27. Quantum cloning and haecceity: Entanglement of primitive thisness
  28. Levels of meaning entangled: An invitation to quantum semiotics
  29. God's Beneficence and the Axiom of Choice: the Banach-Tarski Theorem and the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes

See also the facebook group for the journal!

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  Office hours

For the Winter 2016 semester, I will not hold regular office hours since it is my research semester. I will be available for meeting upon requests by email.

I will be away for the following weeks for conferences:

  • Week of April 11
  • May 11-16
  • Week of May 23
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