Defeating my first chess master


In this article I will present the game in which I beat my first Chess Master. This game was played in 2007 in the London (Ontario) Chess Championship.

Without further ado, here's the game:

In the end, thanks in part to this victory, I took the 3rd place in the London City chess championship. I was pretty happy of this result, especially because I was initially ranked last, and by far! Of course, my 1448 rating from the Canadian federation was not really up-to-date, but it was fun to play as the ultimate underdog! The co-champions were David Wang and Mike Coleman, and Carl Ehrman and another player shared the third place with me. Actually, only Coleman and Ehrman succeeded to take a full point away from me. For the others, they discovered that not all 1400-rated players are complete patzers! For what concerns rating, I would have win some 161 points if I had had a permanent rating. However, only having a temporary rating, I went up by 193 points (!). My performance for the tournament was 2060. Here's the summary of my games:

The last game was amusing. For the first time of my life, I had been able to win a game exclusively thanks to a line I had already analyzed years before the game! It was quite amusing to simply play 15 moves without effort, and this resulting in a completely winning position! Thanks to this, I managed to pass Ehrman and Yang and take third place.